$200 Million for Marvel Contest of Champions Game

There are some games that we can find in this modern era. In this high technology era, most people like to use their time to play some games. We can play game in all places that we want and of course we just need to use our smart device to play all games that we want. One of best games that you need to know and just released to you is Marvel Contest of Champions games. This game is great fight and action game for all people since we know that Marvel movie and Marvel character are very popular in the world. There are some interesting facts that you need to know more about this game and you better know first before you choose to play this game. You can get more information about this game below.


Expensive Mobile Game in the World

Do you know that Marvel Contest of Champions games is one of some expensive games in the world. This mobile game is one of unique and needed high price to make it. People who make this game need to pay more than $200 billion for this game. This game is needed high price but of course the developer of this game get more profit too since this game is released to the people. This game is released in 2014 and it makes all people really want to play this game again and again. They always want to know how to fight by using some of wonderful heroes in this game. Because of lots of people in the world that play this game, it is clear that this game gives more profit time to time too. This game was played by 60 million players in the world and today it becomes one of 10 top games in app store and that is played in more than 100 countries in the world. It is great achievements of this game then.

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